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The Joy of Science - e-science resources

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My name is Joy Kitt. I was a National Science Facilitator In 2012. In 2013 I returned to my classroom at Russell Street School. This blog is a space to share some resources and inspiration that you can use to inspire deep discussion, wonderings and investigations to explore the Nature of Science In your classroom. I believe all the activities can be used at any level or age group. 


The pics, videos, questions, and other resources can be used in your classrooms. Look around and see what equipment and environments you already have in your school that could be used for contexts for science....the slide, a garden, under the trees, the swimming pool, the bike shed.

What can you find here? - Gadgets, What a site, Thinking Together - Culturally Responsive Science, and What If..?.  Each page offers a new idea and how it could be explored in your classroom. Use these as starters for a unit, as "extra for experts" at reading time, extension for fast finishers, or as one -off discussion starters.