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Supporting resources for the eLPF

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Description of the session

During this session, use the context of your school and your knowledge of your teaching colleagues to gather resources from the websites below (or others you know of) in order to support your school in shifting e-learning practices using the framework as a guide. 

Resources to explore


The VPLD project Ning

The Registered Teacher Criteria and e-learning wiki

The snapshots of learning on Software for Learning


The Enabling e-Learning website

The VLN groups


Outcomes of the session

In the final 15 minutes, pull together what you have found to create a blog post highlighting three or more resources you have found and how you would use these. Copy the writing frame below and paste it in to your blog post to complete.

Writing frame

School type:

Where you think you are as a school on the framework (best fit):

Links to resources selected with a brief description of how you would use each one: