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Principal's Leadership of eLearning

End of Cluster Reflections, November 2012:

It has been a privilege to be in the RLHS ICTPD cluster because it moved us forward in a professional, non-threatening way , with enjoyment in the mixs.  We, as a staff all gained including myself as Principal.

Our list of ICT initiatives trialed, implemented, monitored and confirmed during the cluster time has been rewarding to teaching staff, support staff and more importantly for our students.  We continued to increase the hardware to keep the ICT momentum in the college despite the colleges move towards final closure at the end of this year.

Attendance at Ulearn and Learning at Schools conferences have had their place in creating excitement within teachers to continue to use tools in creative but purposeful ways – myPortfolio, interactive whiteboards, mimios, tech angels, knowledgenet and the sharing of effective methods of practice for use in the classroom, for local professional development sessions and for us in particular strengthening our Appraisal system which was an ERO concern & we nailed it!!!!!

The personnel:  Annemarie has been the diamond in the team – consistently being in our face sparkling and putting our sites to look at, planning, sharing, LEADING and certainly enthusing. Our Lead teacher has enjoyed the interaction with the lead team, learnt a lot & has willingly put in time to lead learning in ICT amongst our staff – always after school & full sessions of attendance & commitment  to learn.  KAMAR has taken a lot of our learning time for teachers and has been successful ant other areas have been some individual preferences for teachers – adobe, clickview.

The only issue was the travel to be part of the ICT team. An hour to get to the sessions, meetings or for the Lead teacher to attend meant he was our for the day rather than just the morning or afternoon BUT the team’s offer to travel was appreciated but not really an effective solution.  We hope this was NOT seen as an issue as we were only too happy to do the travel and the relief in order to be part of such a vibrant and happening ICTPD cluster.


Thank you Bruce Walker for having us and leading so well & thank you team! J


Dawn Mitai-Pehi



Rangitahi College


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