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Tools to capture and organise content

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SpiderScribe allows you to quickly build a digital mindmap using text boxes, images, maps and embedded word docs. You can then reorganise the content as the study continues and students can see how things are related.

There has been a snapshot written by a Year 7/8 teacher on the use of SpiderScribe to extend her student's informational writing skills.


Image by @drjcthompson on Twitter


A free open source concept mapping tool available for both PC and Mac. A concept map has linking phrases between items in the map which requires high order thinking and a very clear understanding of concepts.  There is an excellent article about concept maps avaiable on the CMap website. It talks about starting from a focus question, providing a 'parking lot' of concepts for students to use or having an expert skeleton map for them to continue to add to. It talks about the importance of cross-links in a map to show complex relationships between concepts.