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Comic tools

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Last updated by Suzie Vesper

Here are some examples of how you could use such as Comic Life or Pixton.  You could also review this wiki page with more information about Comic Life or download an article about how to use Comic Life in the classroom.

1. In this example from a Year 3/4 class, the students drew sections of a 'wild thing' in Kidpix and then added their drawings to a Comic Life page. They then used the speech bubbles to add similes for each part of the wild thing.  While this wasn't an activity designed for English language learners, it would still work well in that context. 


2. Pixton is an online comic tool (requires subscription) where you can create scenes and then record speech into speech bubbles in the scene. In this example, students can listen and then create their own and add both the writing and record the speech so that they are working across more than one mode.