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If you want to contribute art work, video or audio files to the Student Gallery, please ensure that you have obtained the appropriate permissions. The permission forms are available on the Guidelines page.
To find out more about the various licensing options please read the licensing information on the Creative Commons website.

Trouble viewing audio or video files?

To view media you will need to have an up to date version of the Flash Player.

Audio and video files

You will need to prepare your media files before loading to the Arts Online Student Gallery. Only certain types of files can be loaded. Below are some free applications you can install to convert your files to the suitable formats.

Convert audio files to MP3 files

Audacity is a conversion program and is recommended by Software for Learning. MP3 is the only audio format for the Student Gallery.

Convert video files to MP4 files

Miro is recommended to convert your video files to MP4. MP4 is the preferred video format for the Student Gallery, although you can also use the FLV format.

Contact for further assistance

If you require further assistance with any conversions or if you have a general question please email artsonline@tki.org.nz.