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Jill Hammonds: Learning as Inquiry

Session Overview

To many people, inquiry is about a model. This model is often linear and drives the learning. It has been set up to make the learning manageable but often has the opposite effect with time running out before you get to the good bits and everybody wanting something of you at the same time.
For me, inquiry is a disposition - a way of thinking and operating. It stems from curiosity and leads to deep understanding, new skills, competencies and attitudes as a learner. It may be directed and scaffolded largely by the teacher initially, but as students are more enabled and empowered as learners and inquirers, they take on more of the partnership and eventually lead their own. At this stage they are highly skillful, resourceful, reflective and motivated. So how do we get them to be that?
In this hotseat we will explore that and bring our knowledge to the table to each deepen our understanding and if appropriate, add to or modify our current way of teaching. it is not about throwing out the baby with the bath water - rather adding a little extra magic along the way - at a manageable pace! We will also share resources through use of an associated online area. 


Jill is a CORE Education national facilitator in literacy, e-Learning, curriculum & achievement. Jill has been using her extensive knowledge of professional development and ICTs to enrich the learning experience of teachers and students for many years. She began working for CORE Education in January 2004 as a national ICT PD facilitator. In 2009 she added NZ Curriculum and student achievement as a 0.2 component of her job and in 2011 moved her central focus to literacy in the Central North region. This year she has been contracted by several schools to assist them in their development of an inquiry approach to learning.  Jill enjoys her current opportunities to work extensively with a school or group of schools to make a difference to student learning in the classroom.

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