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Phase 5: Maturity & Sustainability

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The ultimate goal of establishing and implementing an LCO is that it will continue to operate successfully in a sustainable manner, and demonstrate characteristics of maturity as a system over time.
Sustainability is about ensuring the systems supporting the LCO operation are able to be continued over time without undue extra resourcing or an over-reliance on particular individuals to drive things.
Maturity refers to the characteristics that would identify the LCO as operating effectively in the interests of students, with regular review processes to ensure ongoing development and refinement of the systems and processes supporting it.

It is possible to achieve sustainability without maturity, although one would hope the two would be developed together. The key difference is in the area of ongoing improvement that comes as a result of ongoing review and development at all levels.


  • maturing relationships
  • ongoing review and development processes
  • emerging technologies
  • long term budgets
  • integration with long term strategic planning





A sustainable operation of the LCO, supported by long term planning and budgets. Continuous improvement evident as a result of ongoing review and development processes at all levels of the system.
Regular milestone reports to principals and Boards of Trustees are used as the mechanism to monitor progress and identify areas for continual improvement. A clear and open process for communication across the cluster will ensure ownership by all the participants in the community.