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Phase 4: Implementation

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If the planning phase has been completed successfully the implementation phase should proceed with relative ease. It is important, however, not to depend only on the planning for the successful implementation. While the detailed planning provides an essential framework for all members of the LCO to work to, it is important to ensure that there are robust processes in place for monitoring progress, and for making decisions about emergent issues and concerns before they become problematic.

Feedback from parents/whanau and students should be regularly sought, and participating staff should also regularly review what they are doing to ensure successful outcomes.
Excellent communications between and among the participating schools, staff and students will be critical to the success of the implementation phase.


  • Excellent communications.
  • Student and staff support.
  • Shared calendars, timetables and protocols.
  • Ongoing staff PD.
  • Shared resource libraries.
  • Budget.
  • Review of action plan objectives.




LCO operating successfully, and a positive experience for both students and staff. Support systems and procedures operating effectively, with issues and concerns identified and addressed early.
There is a commitment to maintain the Learning Community for an agreed period of time. The participating schools make a full commitment to support the agreed upon structures.