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LCO Handbook download instructions

Two downloadable versions of the LCO handbook are available, one is for printing single sided pages, and the other will print double sided. Simply choose the one that you prefer. 


Print Single Sided


Print Double Sided

You will require a recent copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print these files. If you do not have this installed you can obtain it free from here:


What to do with the printed version

The LCO handbook has been designed as a ‘living’ document. It is to be read in conjunction with the material on this website. You will note that there are From time to time, updates will be issued that will replace content on some pages. In addition, you may want to add some of the content items from the website to the pages in the printable version of the document to support the stage you are at in your cluster development. 

We have designed the printed version to be stored in a ring binder folder, using dividers to separate the various sections. This will make it easier to locate the parts of the document you are looking for, and also allow you to insert other notes and material as you feel appropriate. 

Assembling the Folder

We recommend that you print the LCO handbook on a colour printer for best effect.

To create a folder version you will need to purchase the following for each handbook you want to create:

  • 1 x  PVC Overlay Ring Binder A4/2/26 White
  • 2 x A4 5 Tab Cardboard Index Cards – Coloured

Simply use a standard two-hole paper punch to create the holes on the left margins of the printed copy, and insert into the folder. 

Separate the sections using the cardboard index tabs. (You will need to use eight of these). Use the table of contents as a guide for where these index tabs go. 

A cover page and spine label have been included in the PDF download. Simply trim the spin label and insert these into the plastic sleeves in the ring binder.