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Great e-learning examples in action

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Here are just a few links to some interesting e-learning examples

Remember, while an example might not be directly related to your age group, most ICT tools can be used at any level so it might still be a useful link to help you learn about a different tool.

General links - all levels

Ideas to Inspire - On this site, teachers from around the world have collaborated on ways to use a variety of ICT learning tools. There are a lot of excellent ideas here.

Using Prezi as a teaching tool.

Using Comic Life - this page on my wiki profiles some ways of using this tool in the classroom. This is also an article that I wrote for Interface Magazine on using Comic Life.

Primary - Juniors and Middle

1. This is an excellent presentation from Rachel Boyd, a Year 2 classroom teacher. I would fast forward some of the stuff at the beginning and just start listening to all the ICT related ideas. If you teach older students, you could still pick up some excellent ideas here. Here is also a link to Rachel's wiki that is packed full of ideas.



2. Sara Taylor's wiki - Sara was a facilitator working with an ICT cluster and put this together to show examples of work she was doing and instructions on how to do it. There are some excellent junior examples here as well as good ideas for other age groups. Use the links on the left to move around the site.

3. Middle school literacy ideas - I compiled these while working at Ngaio School last year. Many of the examples come from work we did at the school. While these were with Yr 3/4 students, many of the activities could be adapted for older or younger students.

4. Sentence beginnings - Yr 4/5 - This idea could work with a number of age groups and types of texts including at secondary level.

5. Maths strategy animation - Yr 5/6 - Another great idea from the same Yr 4/5 teacher. Students made a simple little animation to show how to work out a maths problem. This is another idea that could be used at any level.

6. Junior class - Using Sticky Nodes (a free mindmapping tool) to summarise learning from watching a YouTube video and then embed it on the class blog.

Primary - Intermediate 

Here are some specific ideas used with intermediate aged students.

1. Attack of the killer blurb - a 6th Grade (11 - 12 yr old) activity using Comic Life to make a presentation about authors come alive.

2. Homework wiki - this Yr 7/8 class wiki has all of the homework rather than on a sheet. Note the discussion tab with all of the topics the students have been participating in for homework. There are also some great ideas on the class's blog.

3. Many Voices on Darfur - a Voicethread (a free online digital tool) where students are asked to reflect on political cartoons and the messages contained in them as part of a collaborative project about Darfur with classes around the world.

4. Maths problem solving with Dabbleboard - a snapshot showing how Bucklands Beach Intermediate students used a free tool to capture way they solved maths problems. Note that while it says it has a 30 day trial, there is a free account that has no time limit.