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Brief Reflections on the PLUTO Science Learning Collaboration

Hi - here are my key reflections from Friday's PLUTO wind-up event at UoW.

Facebook - definitely a candidate for use in education/learning.  The thought that if that is where the kids are, then that is where we need to be.  Paul's comment that 'communication is faster' via Facebook, and Sarah's comments that students see it and comment... were very motivating.

I also hope that the science teachers can continue to collaborate via Facebook for PLUTO teachers - sharing resources...  Thank you Sarah!

Relevant contexts (to engage) rather than content coverage were very motivating.  This includes, neccessarily, the sharing of innovative/practical approaches to the various topics and collaborative creation of units themed around current events yet based on the core science skills (and essential knowledge). 

Practical Projects and Units: There were several important resources and docs to source - for the Rangitahi College Science teachers.  There are also important management strategies and decisions to address - if we are to develop a greater enthusiasm for Science here.

I also took the opportunity to buy some practical/experiment related resources - primarily books.

Sarah also responded to a request for a visit - by offering to bring her class to RC!  Desperately hoping that we can make this happen.

Paul's references to POGILwas also significant, I think.  Guided Inquiry through the Curriculum seems to be a way forward for senior science students - where NCEA assessments add expectations.  I need to follow this up.......


There is a lot to folow up here and see how we can improve science learning here at RC.