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WOW - Reflections on Our Second Groups Sharing Session for Rangitahi College

Guidelines for Sharing & Planning Session 2
Here are my Guidelines for staff for our sharing and planning session today.

My Reflections on today's Group sessions - from feedback via the Coordinators' comments (of which I am one).

Well - that was good.  Exciting even!
My group of 5 teachers had a great session sharring our inquiries/goals and the results of their various experiments/trials & observations.  We have focussed on ICT-related interventions, mostly to engage students more. 

One shared about his big goal to go paperless, via ICT.  With his Y10 Health class, he used a data projector + 10 netbooks + electronic resources for the first time -- rather successfully.  The students were still on task after the bell to end school!  (Along the way he overcame various 'first-time technical hitches' - with a little help from me, as observer-techie.)  Engaged kids turn on teachers!

Another who used ICTs to present a culturally responsive angle on a normal science topic declared a new personal goal: to do so for every unit he teaches.  He was so pleased with the impact of his observed lesson - which students also spoke of in other classes. (He had contacted NZ Film Archive and discovered a new video DVD resource - which will now be used school-wide in the future.  His next Appraisal/Learning Goal will do the same for a Y9 class, as he did for his Y10s.  Fantastic!

Another teacher implemented PhotoStory with a Y9 class (for the first time, with netbooks for students and a projector) specifically to foster interaction between staff and students.  He was pleased with the increased level of interaction.  His next step is to have students finish their group PhotoStories and present them to the class - expecting them to display greated focus and pride in their learning products.

Another teacher was very content with a successful use of laptop + DVD + projector in class, to more engage her students.  Her next step will be to make a PhotoStory of the Snr Dinner pics, trial it with a class, and show it in assembly.

My group also gave me some positive feedback on my leadership of the Learning Groups/Appraisal process and meetings.  Detailed programme, written guidelines, the learning/sharing focus, and support/feedback to assist staff to achieve their goals - were all aspects mentioned.  A Teacher Aide present commented on the engagement of the staff in the sharing process today.  I also checked and found that the coordinators are keeping the requested records by which monitoring of the process can be achieved.  (Copies of the teachers' 2nd goals/questions will come to me tomorrow.)

Staff seemed comfortable with sharing about challenges, unexpected issues, and were often sharing about the positive impact the observing teacher had in their classroom - often regarding technical issues. 

Teachers were enjoying sharing and learning together, and what they plan to do next, mostly with a different Buddy - which really made it for me.  Perhaps we really have started a learning community here at Rangitahi College? Smile