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Reflections on ULearn11 - Phil's ePortfolios Preconference Workshop

Phil's comments - and maybe others' in due time:

1.  See other posts from every Breakout or Keynote session attended.
2.  See my BRIEF REFLECTIONS posting - summarising my key learnings or notable points.

Preconference - attended the e-Portfolios workshop by Nick Rate.

10 STEPS: A framework for developing eportfolios in your school

Excellent orientation to choosing and defining use, and practical introduction of, an ePortfolio.

Excellent booklet re ePortfolios provided by MoE: Digital Portfolios - Guidelines for Beginners

Some key issues, ideas, steps:

Step 1: Research - your ped. beliefs, research understanding, trends, expectations re eportfolio pedagogy?
Step 2: Define - purpose, vision & beliefs, audience, alignment w broader sch vision & beliefs, benefits.  Noted Derek's EdTalk video: Ten trends episode 3 re personalisation.  Portability & access?  Benefits: enhancing feedback, authentic artifacts - eg recorded student voice, multimedia
Step 3: Consultation
Step 4: Framework: Processes - "collect, select, reflect, project".  BES PL framework.
Step 5: Criteria - clarifying the capability required re usability, portability, user-owned, lifelong availability, technically scaleable.  Networkable, 2-way sharing.  (Hapara - tool to track student use of Google Docs/Blogger, etc.)

Sharing by other schools/teachers: - GreenPark School, TGA Intermediate, Magpie ICT PD CLuster, Frimley School on VLN, Kimi Ora Special School, Jamie Leitze - Bethlehem Coll.

No paperwork appraisal
Blogging a good step before e-Ps
e-P = online learning journal
Google Apps a common tool for e-P
Use 10 min of every weekly mtg to upload items/resources to their PL sites
5 x artifact types: video, scanned files, ....... , google docs linked, dig photos.
2 types of use: 1. process of learning & 2. outcomes of learning.
Teacher Dashboard requires a lot of teacher setup & costs $4 ph py + initial setup
Used Vimeo for uploading videos
Intro to parents at parent mtgs/IEP mtgs, visit homes!
Get staff to set aside 2 x 1/2 hr slots per week.
Some use portfolios for more day-to-day learning
Ability for others to make comments important - feedback

Reflections - 3 components:

R - Recall -
I - Insight -
Q - Inquiry Questions

Develop a personal statement of purpose - Jamie showed us his, re 'assessment for learning'
http://bethlehemcollege.ultranet.school.nz with guest/guest11 access

Good input by practicing teachers, but too much repetition and NO hands-on component.  I was thinking that we might use an eportfolio for staff appraisal/collection of evidence this year.  I am convinced that this would be a good move forward, but we need to keep the learning curve for staff as short and simple as possible - so I am thinking that using the new Web Diary component in KnowledgeNET (rather than MyPortfolio) would be the best choice at this stage.  (Issues of portability might best be solved by using MyPortfolio, but are also solved by keeping KN access alive/open for any staff who happen to leave Rangitahi College.

Leigh Hynes, AP @ Ruapehu College - useful contact re KAMAR - techie: Kerren Dixon
lhynes@ruapehucollege.school.nz  06 3858398 ext825     kdixon@ruapehucollege.school.nz