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Maths & Science Reflection T1 and Plan T2

Maths & Science Reflection T1 and Plan T2
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By Maryke Blignault Comments (1)


  • AnnaM

    Maryke, you are able to very quickly see the application of these prompts into your teaching and learning. You are right, only some fit easily with Maths but they do help students understand the essential components for concept attainment. 

    Science is rich and full of opportunity for use of the prompts. I am pleased to hear that the use of them this term have prompted some interesting discussions. Your plan for term 2 shows your thinking about the initial links to the 2 topics. I cans see that definitely LOD, Details, Patterns, Rules and unanswered questions are an obvious place to start when building up a good factual base. You could also look in on contributions and convergence as you identify the systems and subsystems of each. 

    Please upload samples of your planning and samples of students work at the end of term 2 so that I can provide you with more specific feedback. 

    Thanks, Maryke.