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Depth & Complexity Science Maths.docx

Depth & Complexity Science Maths.docx
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By Maryke Blignault Comments (1)


  • AnnaM

    Wow, Maryke! I am really impressed. You are very clear about where and how the D&C prompts can be connected to your teaching in both Maths and Science this term. Brilliant :). 

    Make sure your kids are exposed to these as a set of tools for digging deeper themselves. Talk to them about where they came from. They were developed by educators in response to the question, "What content or knowledge distinguishes individuals who are expert in a field of study?" Each of the tools are considered essential elements one needs to master a subject. When students think using these tools, they learn to approach subjects from the point of view of an expert. In doing so, they will understand concepts in a deeper and more complex way.

    This will help them to become interested in drawing upon them themselves as the year goes on to build their knowledge and to check to see what else could be learned. 

    Thanks for sharing :).