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By Allanah King Comments (4)


  • Jane Bosecke

    Hey Allanah!

    I am new to VLN and am trying to view your 'Bling' post, but I'm not sure how to do this. (Pardon my ignorance). When I clicked on 'download' it just showed a picture of the header.

    Hope you can help. Ngā mihi....Jane Bosecke

  • Jane Bosecke

    Actually, I think I've sorted it now...an email came with 'Bling' and then I see that is part of a discussion in the VLN. I guess that's all there is to it?  Ngā mihi anō.


  • Jane Bosecke

    And thirdly...I looked at Seesaw a couple of years ago...  I was planning to use Blogger (and your BLing 4 Your Blog) for student blogs this year. Do you see Seesaw as being a lot better than blogger?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Allanah King

    Hey Jane

    Yes the photo just goes with a discussion post that I wrote- silly VLN sends an email to my VLN friends to tell them I have uploaded something which is actually really annoying and moves are being made to stop that from happening which is a good thing.

    Blogger and Seesaw work differently- it all depends on what you want really. I have lots of success with Blogger cos that's all their was when I was wanting to share our classroom with whānau. 

    For me now I would probably run the two side by side- use Seesaw as a portfolio and secure (private) way of sharing with parents and Blogger as a more public space that integrates well with our Google Accounts.

    Would love to show you over a weekend coffee if you are keen for a demo.



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