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By Allanah King Comments (2)


  • TraceC

    Hi Allanah,  

    This year our school has become a Seesaw in Schools school and its a huge learning curve for both students and teachers.  It is an awesome, free digital portfolio and parent communication tool.  Last year I used it in my class using the free version (which has everything you need) and I wouldn't go back as Seesaw is so engaging for students but also for their parents and wider whanau.   Their website has so many resources and the webinars are very good to help you get going too.  

    Sign up today using my link and you'll get an extra month of their premium features for free!


    Let me know if you need help getting going - I think you'll love it.



  • Allanah King

    Hi Trace

    Thanks for the link. I think the free version will do me for my needs. Thanks. Are you at Springlands?? I worked with Springlands a couple of years ago.

    What do you need to do to be a Seesaw School??

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