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Karla comment 1

Karla comment 1
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  • Barrie Matthews


    Teaching and learning can be empowered when the physical and the online world are brought together. In the late 1990s teachers in schools with dial-up and one computer in their class  were using LEARNZ virtual field trips to extend the walls off their classrooms.

    Fast forward 20 years and the flexibility of LEARNZ means teachers use virtual field trips with whatever technology they have - 1:1, pods, tablets, a single device.

    LEARNZ is "delivered" online, but the main driver of uptake is not technology; it is pedagogy with a dose of pragmatism. Teachers want authentic experiences that help make learning real for their students - LEARNZ is about real people, real locations, and real time. And it's free. And supported, which save teachers time.

    Skim what teachers have said about LEARNZ and you will see how LEARNZ could contribute to your ILE, whether your physical environment is traditional or a MLE. 

    LEARNZ Project Manager