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GDocs snap

GDocs snap
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By Warren Grieve Comments (5)

Google drive setup


  • Carmen Marshall

    Hi Warren
    This is great how do I set it up? In Admin Console? I am the IT person at school but I did not know we could have shared drives like thi so I would love some advise on how to set up! Thanks Carmen

  • Warren Grieve


    1. In your admin console use Google groups to setup all the staff etc into a group.
    2. Choose an admin account to "Hold" store all your files. We put a customised logo on this to make it look more like the official owner.
    3. Create your folder structure within the account and subfolders sharing folders with groups or individuals as you wish. Remember that any permissions of a folder are taken up by any folder or file placed within it.


    1. Search under “Shared with Me”, 
    2. Select the shared folder e.g.: “XXX School Shared”
    3. Press Shift+Z
    4. Choose a place to put the link to make access easier for your staff from within their own drive. NOTE: You must add it this way and not drag and drop or you will end up with duplicates of all files.
  • Sonya Van Schaijik

    I love reading how other schools are sorting school access folders. I love the idea of an admin logo account. At this stage we have a school site. The folders on it are accessible by all staff and as we move to the third cycle of adaptation, I will look at setting up the Google Docs Admin idea. That is very clever.


  • Carmen Marshall

    Hi Warren
    Do I need to create an admin account in Users?

  • Warren Grieve

    You already have an admin account in GAFE so I just used that and came up with a logo to make it easily identifiable for when handing over documents to it. This also makes it easy to hand over all the docs from a person who has left the school as well.

    Take note of the the idea of backup. I use both a free account of Spanning Tree Backup and an app on a mac called, "Cloudpull".