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Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 11.23.54 AM.png

Screenshot 2015-08-13 at 11.23.54 AM.png
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By Jacinda Panther Comments (5)


  • Carmen Marshall

    Hi Jacinda
    How was set up do you know?
    I am the IT person at school here but I'm not sure how to set this up? From what you have said (1 folder, all staff have access to it, multiple folders within this folder) is exactly what I want to set up!

  • Jacinda Panther

    Hi Carmen. Yes, I am the Google admin at school. I set up an admin account. This account owns a folder called 'whole school'. This folder is shared with all current staff. Once it's shared, all staff can move the folder to their own drive for easy access. Staff can then set up folders within this and add to it exactly how we used to on the server. 

  • Chris Meehan

    Wahoo! This looks great  = guess what I will be doing tonight!

  • Carmen Marshall

    Hi Jacinda

    Sorry I just have a few more questions (I am a bit new to this roll and have had no training so just learning as I go)!
    Did you create an account called "Whole School" in the Admin Console to get the above My Drive > Jacinda School > Whole School headings?
    Do all staff then have the same headings in their Drive?
    If so how did you set this up so they do?

    If anyone else can help me set this up I would appreciate the advice.

    Thanks  in advance!

  • Jacinda Panther

    Hi Carmen. I created the whole school account in my GAFE admin console. This account is a super admin account like mine.

    Then when I was signed in as the Whole School account, I created a folder (also called whole school). This folder was then shared with all the staff at my school. This folder then shows up in the 'Shared with me' area of each staff members drive. They can then move it to their drive. So what you see is what I see but every staff member will be different depending on where they store the folder. 

    You could just create a folder (owned by you) and share that rather than create a whole new account.

    Feel free to email me jacindap@greymain.school.nz