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Using digital tools to build literacy skills across the curriculum

Using digital tools to build literacy skills across the curriculum
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By Jill Hammonds Comments (3)


  • RachelO


    I am interested in these ideas, but not sure how to view them... With all of these posts, it seems to be just a screen grab (?) which doesn't link me to anything.  Can anyone help?




  • Jill Hammonds

    Hi Rachel,

    I'm not sure which page you were on but if you follow this link you can click on either the title or the graphic and it should take you to the relevant blog post or webinar.  Chrissie's blog post is available here.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds

    Hi again Rachel,

    I have worked out what is happening for you with these crazy graphics so not something you are doing wrong.  When I'm creating an article and have graphics to embed, the VLN process is that it uploads the graphic as a file, and you then click it to embed on the page.  Unfortunately these file uploads also email out alerts to those who have subscribed for updates, but the link they send is to the file rather than the page they are on.  Most frustrating.  It has me back up out of my bed at just after midnight to email the techies to see if there is anything that can be done about this nonsense.  Hopefully it will get sorted but I'm not holding my breath as it is in the nature of the platform software - a developer problem rather than a user.  These people think differently to us 

    devil crying no

    If you get multiple emails when I have a busy day in here you might do well to change to the omnibus version where you get one email detailing the days news and events.

    Cheers, Jill