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By Jill Hammonds Comments (2)


  • Yvonne L

    I don't now how other people ar finding this - but I need to turn the sound off to focus on text . Has anyone else experiend this? Makes be wonder about some of our readers and all the distractions as they read.

    Maybe on second read I can enjoy  the sound of the text together. I haven't tried this.  


  • rbaylis

    With Booktrack I don't currently have the resources (decent headphones etc) to make it worthwhile to include it as part of my reading programme for my class.

    However, what it did do after demonstrating it to my students, was really motivate them to use it as a writing tool. This has really improved the motivation of all students, in particular my less motivated writers, and really encouraged them to think about the language/structure of their piece of writing to make it easier to align with the sound effects/music.

    In time i will experiment with using it as a reading option, but at the moment am content in exploring the potential of using it as a writing tool :-)