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Podcast 1 Socially Responsive Drama

Podcast 1 Socially Responsive Drama
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By Madeline Campbell

Verity Davidson has been engaged in some terrifically stimulating "rich context" work at her school, Baradene College. This work, with Year 12 NCEA students, also involves cross-curricular work with the school's history department. The work is focused around the ongoing turmoil in Israel & Palestine, and what with the current war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip it seems timely to discuss this work with the wider drama teaching community. Verity has been kind enough to share her practice across five podcasts. She has also been good enough to gift four resources from this unit to teachers. In the first podcast, Verity speaks about a "Socially Responsive Drama". In the following four podcast Verity discusses: "Rich Context", "Process Pt 1", "Process Pt 2", and "Assessment". Each podcast is no longer than five minutes, and as a podcast it allows you to engage with the work (and conversation) in a different way compared to a written resource, or research or unit plan. Please enjoy, and do feel free to share your observations on the listserve, and do also find time to thank Verity.