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Actioning learning from our workshop yesterday - observing

Actioning learning from our workshop yesterday - observing
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By Bridget Casse

Thought I'd share...

Context: we are exploring ways to create a sustainable future for ourselves. We have been learning to identify & classify natural, man-made/artificial resources, living & non-living things. We have been exploring what actions we can take to ensure that these resources will still be there for our little brothers and sisters to learn from, and with, in the future. This plant is one resource we have growing outside our door.

Yesterday, we were encouraged to (IMO) Notice how we teach others to observe. I tried a different approach today, encouraging awareness of all senses relevant to observation. One child knew what it was and clarified the name for other chn. Other than that, we tried to focus only on what we 'noticed'. I gathered the resource with a few chn, they shared it with others, I gave them 1 mins to 'observe' it - just exploring it - not recording. During the time I prompted I wonder what it sounds like, feels like... I can see tiny lines on it (so I was modelling alongside).

Please excuse the rectangles - I name contributions to maps for self,peer and teacher AFL purposes and have excluded the for privacy reasons.

To those of you who use SOLO - this is a Describe map - we assessed this LO as multistructural because we haven't yet explained (or inferred). We will use this to inform writing a shared description tomorrow using a Describe Visual Rubric.

With Matariki being celebrated this week, we (among a RANGE of other activities) have read the journal story Matariki and researched kai that we could prepare and share together. We intend to use some resources from our school garden to prepare and create Rewena Bread and we will infuse a 'Kakano Team' touch by adding this herb to our recipe. We have asked our whanau to come, help & share this experience.

There will be a lot of opportunities for Science learning to occur through this inclusive experience - we will omit yeast in one batch to compare.

All critique welcome from all perspectives - cultural, science, SOLO...