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Cyber safety discussion with Malvern ICTPD lead teachers

This was an informal discussion based on how the lead teachers felt their internet blocking worked at their school. Who they were using and if they would like to make it more open or close it down more.


  • Danny Bedingfield

    This is an eight minute discussion had by the lead teachers in the Malvern ICTPD cluster on Cyber Safety in their schools and how their internet blocking worked. It raised some interesting points on why we are blocking and are we blocking too much. We have a high school in the cluster so it gives good perspective.

  • Diane Mills

    Greetings to the Malvern cluster schools.  I haven't been able to access and listen in to the discussion you have had, but it is pleasing to hear that you have had some debate around the issue of cyber safety and limiting access to the internet for safety reasons.  Through discussion, ideas are shared, demons are put to sleep and hopefully everyone becomes more informed.  Ideally this needs to happen with the wider community of students and families/whanau as well.  You will find a solution that works for your particular community, but in saying this, regular reviewing will be needed to ensure that your policy matches current thought within the community.  Educating staff, students and the community in what it means to be an ethical digital citizen goes someway to lessening problems in the cyber world.

    Do take a look at the Netsafe website, which is now Learn:Guide:Protect and the online modules on cybersafety and Digital Citizenship created in 2010 at ICTPD online.

  • Danny Bedingfield

    Hi Diane, thanks for the reply.

    Yes the download button does not seem to be working. I will try loading the file into resources.