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Rdg - Taking Kapa Haka to Taiwan EL 27983.doc

Rdg -  Taking Kapa Haka to Taiwan EL 27983.doc
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By Athlyn Watt Comments (2)


  • Julie Luxton

    Kia ora Athlyn

    I have just looked at this EL US 27983 assessment task and schedule. If proper nouns are eliminated, 88% of the words in the text are in the first 1000 words. Methinks this is close enough to the 90% requirement, especially as you have glossed three words / phrases.

    I think your questions are good. I can see that Q2a-c all relate to result/consequence connections uisng 'so', but there are also other questions assessing ER 1.3 (pronoun reference and verb forms), so the range is sufficient. That said, I am unsure that Q2c, which requires students to identify whether sentences refer to past, present or future, assesses the ability to make 'conections between essential details'. This might be better assessed by asking ELLs to join two clauses using an appropriate conjunction (from a bank of same) in order to make appropriate connections?

    Nga mihi nui, Julie

  • Athlyn Watt

    Rdg -  Taking Kapa Haka to Taiwan EL 27983 B.doc     Hi Julie

    Thanks for your feedback.  It makes sense.

    I'm uncertain how 'verb forms' can relate to identifying connections between essential details and would appreciate clarification about that.

    Instead, I've removed that section, changed the text slightly, and included a question on recognising the meaning of conjunctions (using a broad definition of 'conjunction' as in 'A Grammar Companion' by Derewianka).  Do you think this works?

    Thanks, Athlyn