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writing scheme master 2009.doc

writing scheme master 2009.doc
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By Tash Jacobs Comments (6)


  • Ingrid

    Wow. A great resource.  Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  Ingrid

  • Tash Jacobs

    Smile You are so welcome.

  • Wendy Hopwood

    Tash, thank you 10 times over for sharing. Our school is just trying to establish a matrix for writing.

    to all parties that leave comments and offer resources, again a BIG thanks

    Your comments and suggestions give me the courage to try something new..



  • Tash Jacobs

    Not a problem, so much work goes into these documents so helping each other out saves so much time :)

  • ZoeyP

    Thank you so much:-) your resource has given me a greater understanding of the literacy progressions !

  • Rona

    A couple of years later, thank you for sharing this lovely resource.  So easy to use and helpful in the grass roots level.