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By Allanah King Comments (2)


  • Tane Bennett

    Kia ora

    We are heading into our first ipad open day.  This is an opportubnity for parents to visit their child's classroom, to see first hand the effectiveness of the ipad in a learning context.

    We have a Q and A session planned following the open day. Can any one share any experiences with parents asking difficult questions about the use of ipads? How did you manage to address any such issues?

    Naku Tane 

  • Allanah King

    They could have a million questions so it is hard to tell you the answers to questions when we don't know what they are.

    I think the best thing is to know your purpose- why did you go to all the expense of buying iPads?

    Hold tight to that.

    I heard something last week that resonated a lot with me- don't tell the parents that it is an iPad trial. We're not experimenting on their kids. We believe that using technology, and this technology in particular, will benefit children's learning in the following ways......

    This is an iPad pilot- we are studying and learning new ways of new things.

    This is the way we learn because things are changing. We can't teach in the same ways with same devices we did thirty years ago.

    The speed of change is increasing and we are doing our best to embrace the new tech for the benefit of our learners.

    Show the whānau some of the things that children have made with their iPads and maybe have some kids talk to the group of what they think of using their iPads. 

    If the kids can't be there- make some videos!!

    It is great that you are bringing the wānau with you.

    Good luck.