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By Emma Watts Comments (2)

Work in progress - acceptable user agreement at Tahunanui School


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    This looks really user-friendly, Emma. Good work and thanks for sharing. Can you say a little about how this was developed? Did students take a lead, with parents/whānau?

  • Emma Watts

    Thanks Laughing

    It is a work in progress at the moment!  So far 2 lead e-learning teachers and a group of 4 tech-angels (students from Tahunanui School) work on the matrix developed.  It is part of a cluster wide project to align digital citizen with school values.  As a cluster with have had many discussion around the concept of digital citizenship - in particular whether it is any different to 'plain old' citizenship.  We are trying move from a cyber safety policy which students sign once (and often forget) to an acceptable use policy or agreement.  Our students brainstormed what we would see happening online and in the real world against our school values of getting along, persistence, confidence, organisation & resilience.  I then took one of their phrases or made a phrase from the students ideas to create a single statement about each value - and hopefully make it more memorable than a wordy cyber safety policy.  Dave (my colleague) and I decided to keep the students 'what it looks like' as a support for students and staff.  Here is a link to the page I have added it to.  Enner Glynn have also started to add their plans for an AUP:  /pg/pages/view/82086/tahunanui-school