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By Anaru White Comments (3)


  • Jean

    Have been using word/text to speech/track changes to target my less able writers. Started with 5 children with identified needs, and now only have 2 doing it, with the other three saying they prefer pen to paper process for writing. Their writing has improved since the start of the inquiry so the process, for them, seems to have served as an intervention which is all good. The other two are continuing to show improvements in their writing. I'm going to carry on with this process, incorporating some pen to paper work at times to monitor improvement over time. :)

  • Mata

    There are not a lot of apps available to support my tamariki to increase their reo a waha. So, I've taken on board Jean's offer for a couple of her students to show us how to use Toontastic.  My tamariki will be able to create an oral text and record it on Toontastic.  It sounds fantastic.  We'll use it regularly and soon a huge improvement will show.  Yes!

  • Catho166

    Nicki: experimenting with Minecraft as a vehicle for Literacy.  Reflection on accountability - Biggest spin off is the engagement from the previously reluctant writers.  VLN good venue for accessing research re MInecraft.  Sample pieces of work as pre assessment.

    Cath: Behaviour - conversations around the behaviour and is thinking of surveying senior teachers around the engagement and change of classroom behaviours. Survey Monkey.

    Discussions on presentations and how we can involve student voice in our presentations.

    Nic:  Equitable use of IT.  Ethical dilema, does it create behaviours if the Ipads are used for reward?  How can we make it accountable and even use.  Check lists.  Move on to create rather than practice on apps.  Would like to see how other classes use them.  Need time to 'play' with new equipment as we need to get confident to be effective, perhaps curriculum time.

    Lara:  Looking at tweaking inquiry to compare technologies in the classroom.  What is more successful to student progress, such as Listening Post and Ipad etc. Ongoing frustration at having new equipment but not knowing how to use it and training not being available.