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Te Reo Māori Programme Overview Template


  • Su Brown

     Having just been looking at our school wide programme, it will be an interesting exercise to see where our components fit into this template. I like the idea of things being pulled together in a more simplified way yet more fully fleshed out / explained - if that makes sense. 

    The vision statement is the pivotal part for this so will be thinking long and hard on this one and ensuring everyone is on board.

  • Tricia Cameron

    The template as Sue has mentioned is a simplified way of focusing on what a school is /isn't providing in the way of te reo maori.I will need to reflect on where our school fits into each of the areas.


    Going to share with my team to find how our school show Te Reo in their programme.

  • Chars

    This is great - as a staff and whaanau group we are looking at improving our te reo Maori programme and this will certainly be a good building block to identify areas to work on and a way of coming together and keeping focuesed.

  • Jane Norman

    Is anyone willing to share what this looks like for their school?

  • Gina Yelchich

    Like Jane, I'd be interested in seeing examples of what other schools are doing and what's worked well for them.

  • Sue

    It is good having the template and to check how our school's programme fits and how we can improve using those prompts.

  • Cheryl I

    Great to have a template to work with.  Will be taking this to the rest of my staff to work through together and come up with a vision for us.


  • Kathy Hughes

    A school discussion is to review the scaffolding of a more integrated te reo programme through the levels. I'm looking forward to being involved in that! Te Manawa Pou you seem to read my mind, think about it and you provide the resources. Thanks. 

  • shayle.bidois

    The Te Manawa Pou Programme has given me the opportunity to revise what I know and 'fill in the gaps' in what I have had to learn. It has boosted my confidence in teaching Te Reo Maaori confirming knowledge I have and knowing I am teaching correct kupu, phrases, or tikanga. I am also continually learning, gaining new ideas and it's great to have extra resourses that I can use at any time. Kia Ora Koutou.

  • richardsj

    This will be good for me to go back and check out our school vision with others on the Committee.

    We did do a comprehensive one mid last year but it will be good to review.

  • MaryClare

    THis is a great place for me to start - having just arrived at aschool where there is no coherent maori development plan - and i feel like i need to start by formalising what is important to our community/staff/chidlren.