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Developing sustainable leadership in NZ schools

Developing sustainable leadership in NZ schools
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By Jill Lunn Comments (5)


  • Robyne Selbie

    Sorry Jill I would have liked to have read it but I can't open it so maybe you will have a copy at Hui I could read.A lot of work in such reports so well done.I hope the conference is in a cool place.

  • Lionel Mickell

    Great work Jill, have had a quick read through and will re-read in depth later this week. Seems very thorough.

  • Geoff Childs

    This is great Jill. I think the section on "Metacognitive leadership and the ability to be deeply reflective" is really valuable and would be ueful to share with our akonga, ...

  • Jan Robertson

    Well done Jill - it is good to see the final version has come together well. Ka kite ano, Jan

  • denis pyatt

    Jill I Really enjoyed reading this. It's very dense but it serves as an excellent overview checklist to see where we're at. You made me proud, and a little nervous, to be part of it all.

    A couple of small points; I wasn't aware that there was to be a "focus on hard t0 staff schools" in the selection process. Is this part of our our actual process?
    In Para 2 of the Sustainable leadership section I think "affect" should be "effect".....bloody english teachers

    I reread the selection process section with interest. I think this is very much a work in process. I remain unconvinced that we're getting all the people into the programme that we should be. And I think our use of peer partner coaching remains largely aspirational at this stage. As I sadi, work in progress.

    Hope the presentation goes well