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By Catriona Pene Comments (2)


  • Brian Hutching

    At Linwood College we have two classes which have one to one iPads for students. We began this initiative last year. The initial class of 25 were allocated an iPad each. We numbered the iPads but only this year have we got the serial numbers of each iPad and pinned these numbers to students. We were donated a metal storage unit for the iPads. This has 6 cupboards and on the top of the unit there is a fan to draw out any warm air which results when we recharge the iPads. There are electrical points in each cupboard and there is the ability to charge up a number of iPads in the units. If an iPad needs recharging during a lesson we have some multi boxes on hand to recharge.

    We purchased iPad covers for the tablets and these have proven valuable in protecting them. The iPads are very robust and we have only had one accidental drop of an iPad which has resulted in a cracked screen.

    This year another Year 9 Digital class was formed and we have gone about setting it up just like the first one.

  • Josie Woon

    Hi I have recently shared what I have done with introducing iPads to my year 2/3 class.  I only have 2 and my personal one which I allow them to use but this still needs to be done in the right way.

    Teachers need time to get to know the device, play, download apps and figure out how this piece of technology will assit their students rather than become a busy station.

    All my class were told exactly how much it all cost and this has helped to show them the respect t and care they need to show when they use them this includes being taught how to open and shut them correctly and transport them around the school, how to hold them for photos and videoing.

    How will you update applications and charge them? for me I do this at home which I can with so few I charge them overnight and update them as soon as I get home using my own wifi which I have opted to do.  This allows me to download new apps and then load them onto each device in my own time.

    Covers can be brought off trade me and I got the ones that enable the iPad to be horizontal or vertical while they are being used.  A class chart was done for the children to list expectations of them while using the device and work I expect produced and how to care for them.  In over a year I have not had one dropped or mis-treated.

    I go to the app sharing thread on here and often read reviews and load these apps to have a go, a lot of websites review and these reviews are usually spot on making sure that the reviewer has the same goal as you.

    Creation with the iPad needs to be the main goal so that students dont get the wrong idea and only see it for gaming.

    All these have been implemented over the last year and is going well with a new lot of students this year.  Creation is my focus and we try and load this to our class blog weekly.

Catriona Pene

Online and in-school Facilitator – Learning with Digital Technology PLD. Lead Facilitator - Literacy, ESOL and English Online.