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bloom pyramid.jpg

bloom pyramid.jpg
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By Diane Mills Comments (2)


  • Gaylyn Lockington

    This is an excellent way of incorporating e-learning in the schools and very interesting way of how Blooms Taxonomy is used. Thanks for sharing

  • Diane Mills

    Good to hear Gaylyn, can I also draw your attention to the SAMR model Padagogy wheel.  The Padagogy Wheel by Allan Carrington is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License and based on a work at http://tinyurl.com/bloomsblog.  The wheel encourages teachers to look at more creative ways of using iPad apps so that students are collaborating, creating and problem solving rather than operating too often at the lower end pf substititution and augmentation - remembering and understanding in Bloom's model.  Of course the starting point is always good quality teaching and authentic learning supported by technology which allows the students to give expression to their learning.