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NAPP research

NAPP research
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By Jan Robertson Comments (9)

Model for NAPP research - not to be cited without permission


  • Spencer Baty

    Hi Jan,


    Looks good to me. The area of shadowing a principal in another  and different school was successful in patches. Maybe it could be worthy of a mention.

  • Karen Holmes

    Hi Jan, is it relevant to the research the upskilling and training provided for kaiarahi / focus on raising achievement?

  • Jan Robertson

    Thanks korua - Spencer - that has now been added!

    karen I am not sure whether you are meaning "the kaiarahi upskilling the akonga in how to focus on raising achievement" (which is there under kaiarahi coaching);

    or the "development of the kaiarahi so that they are focusing akonga on achievement" (and that is there in the model in another place.


    Good comments/questions though - helping Lorna and I in our thinking. Ka pai -


  • Geoff Childs

    This looks good to me, one thing that might be worth adding is the focussed mentoring support from the Akonga's own principal. A number have mentioned the difference that being on NAPP made to this as they discussed their inquiry, explored finances and property, etc with their principal-It seemed to change the nature of that relationship for many, if not all.

  • Megan Bowden

    A great summary which captures the whole programme.

    Would it be useful to add into the final statement of Principle 3 the face to face school visit we make with akonga early in the year? 

  • Jim Peters

    I agree .... it covers what I understand NAPP to be about really well. 

  • denis pyatt

    I had the same thought as Geoff. One of the consequences of involvement in NAPP for many akonga is a deepening of the reflective converstauons tha akonga have in their schools. Often, but not always, this is with the Principal. In a way they are mentoring their colleagues because of their involvement.

  • Gael Donaghy

    Hi Jan - pretty thorough to me.  Only one suggestion

    Use of a variety of on-line tools - under the "Connected and networked leaders sharing and  creating knowledge" heading.

     I know this is covered in several places, but almost  secondary to a main idea in these places.  In my work with established principals I know how much easier their work would be if they took the time to learn to use some of these.  Use of VLN Myportfolio, Skype, a social bookmarking tool like My Delicious or Diigo and an on-line survey tool are basic skills to me.

  • Lionel Mickell

    Agree with Megan re face to face coaching. Also the reflective conversations with their principal and now, this year, I am finding the building of a relationship with others on their staff who have been involved in NAPP which also appears to be increasingly reflective in nature.