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Facebook and cellphone tips


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi

    A fabulous resource Tessa. I'll be sharing this with my ICT PD, BeL and MMeLPF kura! This is reader friendly, visually appealing, and very informative. Great tips to guiding us all as we manage our own, our students and our own children through this exercise of being far smarter when in an online environment. Cheers :-)

  • Anne Sturgess

    Great content and layout - easy to pick up the main points and ideal for sharing with teachers and students. I'm going to be working with a group of students to develop the school's DC guidelines so this will definitely be part of our resource toolkit. Smile

  • Tessa Gray

    Thanks Anne and Kathe, I'm glad this can be used in some way. This was origially designed to address two serious issues locally:

    • Parents dealing with the issue amongst themselves, rather than through the appropriate channels – hence the references to reporting to parents, school, social networking sites or cellphone provider, Netsafe and if necessary, the police.
    • Alarming statistics in Tauranga alone show several teenagers have committed suicide, because cyber bullying has been linked to the incident in some way.

    Too important to ignore!

    The local constable and myself also wanted the parents and students to sign a user-agreement. I think it’s really important that schools co-construct this with their students, however, I’ve made a start on a digital citizenship user-agreement for home. It looks at appropriate behaviours online, when connecting via Facebook and cellphones. The agreement statements are catergorised under the Key competencies.

    I would love for people to comment, tweak, copy and add to this digital citizenship user-agreement– to make it their own. I also know that Sean Lyons has asked if anyone wants to share their user-agreements - as part of a Netsafe kit for schools too.

    Anything more to share?