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Growing Thinking in the classroom

Paeroa Christian School - Reflective Summary

Background and Content

Paeroa Christian School Year 0-8.  Analysis of data relating to Key competency on thinking showed that children were not being successful. Their questioning and thinking was at a beginning stage and they had an overall lack of motivation to learn let alone to take responsibility for their own learning. Inquiry Learning had been teacher planned and driven by teachers.


Aims and Purpose

To have students know, how, when, where, why to ask effective questions and to think reflectively, critically, and effectively, motivated to be able to carry out Inquiry successfully using a variety of e-learning tools and strategies, developing knowledge and understanding.

Methods, interventions and action

2012 School Inquiry - Wondering about the Wonderful. The created world is full of wonderful and amazing things which we all can wonder about and learn from. 


Teacher Action Inquiry – Each teacher under the auspices of the ICT contract planned their own action inquiry based on questioning and thinking relating to their individual class and special character of our school. 


ICT Contract – Support and Guidance from Ict cluster facilitator

Questioning and thinking professional development with cluster – Morrinsville, David Street School April 30th 2012.

Weekly school wide meetings to outline and grow staff knowledge of questioning and thinking and Inquiry Learning - supporting and encouraging each other.

Action Plan

Questioning and thinking activity that gave baseline data that gave staff a better understanding of where children were at and what their next learning steps were. This was discussed formerly and informally with staff/ ICT facilitator. Teachers carried out various activities with great excitement and enthusiasm.


Summary of Key results

We were surprised at the student’s inability to ask open/closed questions with some younger children not knowing the difference between a question and a statement and older students not able to ask suitable wondering questions.

We were also surprised at teacher’s excitement of teaching in a different way and see students grasp new ideas.

We can see students rapidly moving to be able to carry out Inquiry learning successfully, giving staff a clear idea of future development of e-learning with using Ipads/smart phones for instant answering of their wondering questions, hugely motivating.


Drawn conclusions and identified any recommendations or next steps

To successfully integrate Inquiry learning and thinking with the focus of questioning into all learning areas.

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