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e-Learning Planning Framework | Whole school

e-Learning Planning Framework | Whole school
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By Karen Spencer Comments (1)


  • Desiree Mulligan

    One especially useful idea in the whole school planning framework that would help the whole school to advance together is the use of mentors or buddies for those teachers who are less confident with ict. This is an ongoing  training support aspect that sounds very valuable. 

    Planning and development is especially worthwhile, but worth nothing if there is not the money behind it to finance the laptops or computers,and their support. I wold like to see a level playing field for the provision of ict in schools. Each child in NZ should have the same access to technology.it is time that the ghettoization of our schooling stopped. State schools should be equally funded as integrated or private, or proposed charter schools. There should be government compensation for those schools which do not have the inflow of money fom fees or other gratuities.

    Even the laptops for teachers scheme has seen this inequality promulgated, with some schools still charging their teachers for the half rental of laptops.... which schools ? The low decile ones of course. This has held back teacher confidence with the technology and has in effect led to a pay cut for those teachers, and a increasing gap between rich and poor schools, teachers andstudents

    Planning frameworks should have a fundamental belief in equality of opportunity for all as it's basis , and suggest ways to achieve that or it's only written for rich schools . The concept of bring your own device  buys into this charade also, so many students do not have even a basic computer at home, let alone laptops or iPads.