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Taku Pepeha .ppt

Taku Pepeha .ppt
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By Te Manawa Pou Comments (11)


  • Kelliem


    This is an great way to integrate eLearning. I have used a digital mihi where a photo is in each section of a comiclife (www.plasq.com) template and the written mihi is in a comment box but that is more for dispaly-I like that this is interactive and can be shown as the person gives their pepeha.


  • Te Manawa Pou

    Your welcome Kellie, we are trying to give our participants a variety of resources and ideas they could use themselves or try with the children in their class.  So pleased to hear you see the value in this! Ngā mihi nui! Tamara

  • Te Manawa Pou

    ps - Love the Comic Life idea too!  Laughing

  • Nicole McKenzie

    I have used this before with Junior students (years 1-2) they loved the idea of themselves being in the picture. We would cut them out then google search to find a picture relating to where they were from, etc.


  • Gillian May

    This is brilliant! I love the idea of making a powerpoint to present Mihi. Our class made a mixed media mihi recently which was also effective. I think a powerpoint gives the students an opportunity to really make it unique and individual to them. Love this idea!

  • Annette Pohatu

    I agree with everyone else - the powerpoint is a cool way of doing your mihi and would look good on class wiki too (pupils and teacher ones)

  • Liz Macaskill

    Thanks for sharing your pepeha Tamara, I can't wait to get my kids to make theirs. I used a similar activity with my Year 6's a few years ago. They had to create a piece of art work showing their pepeha. Thanks for reminding mw about this activity. Really important to tie into the belonging unit eh?

  • Tricia Cameron

    What an awesome way to present your mihi Tamara. I have a year 1/2 class and they love seeing themselves in a photo.

  • richardsj

    I have used Kids Pix slideshows too as it has a recording function. I think puppet pals would be good too on the ipads

  • Lisa Dinning

    Wow what a fantastic idea, I will def be trying it with my tamariki

  • Phillipa Ellis

    I am really impressed with the visual impact for my class. Thank you