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TAInquiry_2011 ICT Newspapers.pdf

TAInquiry_2011 ICT Newspapers.pdf
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By Haydeninkster Comments (4)


  • donnady

    Hi Hayden - This is a VERY COOL idea.  Developing Partners in Learning with whanau is an area we seem to simply pay lip service to.  We tacitly accept that involving whanau in our student's learning can only be approached from traditional  directions and we expect it to be largely ineffective. Schools soldier on with  Parent Meetings, Newsletters, Assemblies etc  BUT you're providing parents with a real opportunity to get involved in their children's learning. It's non- threatening, fun and completely do-able at all levels. Thanks for posting your work , I'll  share the link !


  • Haydeninkster

    Thanks donnady.I have had some excellent feedback from parents and we as a class are thoroughly enjoying doing it every week.

  • Mark Creba

    Hi Hayden<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    Thank you for sharing your ‘Teaching as Inquiry’ plan. The newspaper is a great idea and one that your kids will be engaged in and enjoying. The idea meets our 2011 goals on so many levels.


    Great to see a first-up model of sharing and reflecting on our teaching experiences. I hope others are quick to follow and add information and reflective comments about what they are doing in their school and class.


    I will enjoy watching the VLN grow from here.

  • Mel

    Well done, Hayden.  Your idea with the newspapers was a winning idea.  I'm glad it's working out for your class and appreciated the effort you went to, to post your inquiry on the VLN.  All the best for the next term.  Mel