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Discussion document on 'Terms of Use'

Discussion document on 'Terms of Use'
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By Nancy Groh Comments (1)

This is a draft  document outlining some concepts  that may be useful is developing a school policy or terms of use document. The concepts are based on the values in the NZC.  You are welcome to comment


  • Hazel Owen

    Hi Nancy

    Thanks for putting this together Cool I've only had a quick skim through, and it really brings home just how far-ranging the whole area is - online profiles, cyberbullying, safety, copyright / creative commons etc etc.

    The document looks as though it will be a great starting point for a policy (although I agree with your suggestion that it would be good to find a different name to 'policy' or 'statement' - something meaninful for most age ranges and cultures. Hmm will give it some throught over the hols while I am out running, kayaking, tramping and chilling.

    I hear bells Wink

    Have a super Christmas and New year, and catch you when you get back.



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