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LEARNZ "Love your rubbish - a sustainable look at waste" virtual field trip

Posted by Barrie Matthews

When: 0:00, 12 Sep 2017 - 23:45, 14 Sep 2017

Venue: Online

Organiser: LEARNZ

Contact: barrie.matthews@core-ed.ac.nz

Ever wondered what happens to your rubbish? On this 2017 field trip you will firstly look at waste from the perspective of energy, with a focus on generating energy from green waste to power electric vehicles. Secondly, you will take a big picture view of the Kate Valley landfill as an entire ecosystem, investigating its natural and built environments with their people, machines, buildings, animals, plants, microbes, soil, water, air, and the interactions between them.

More info and enrol at http://rata.learnz.org.nz/summary.php?vft=katevalley173

To prepare for this field trip, LEARNZ content will support inquiry into:

  • The Carbon Cycle
  • Green waste and where it goes
  • Decomposition and methane gas
  • Closing the loop - collecting methane gas to generate electricity
  • Electric cars and trucks
  • The environment and modern landfills
  • The special liner used in modern landfills
  • Kate Valley's human-made environment
  • Kate Valley's natural environment
  • Opportunities for community projects, arising from a modern landfill project
  • Restoration, sustainability and the life of a modern landfill.