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FORUM: Digital assessment practices in secondary schools

Posted by Nathaniel Louwrens

When: 21 Oct 2016 - 21 Nov 2016

Venue: Enabling e-Learning: Teaching group

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Enabling e-Learning

Contact: Tessa - tessa.gray@core-ed.ac.nz

The empowering phase of the e-Learning Planning Framework states for assessment,

In our school, e-learning is part of effective cycles of reflection and assessment, involving the wider community.

With so much ready access to mobile technologies digital tools and resources how is this changing the way senior students share, archive and assess their learning? What are secondary schools are trialing internally and externally for examinations? What are the possibilities, benefits or barriers and how are these being addressed?

In this discussion, we invite you to share your stories as we explore some possibilities that technology can afford to give students agency and ownership of their learning while still meeting assessment requirements.

This discussion will take place in the Enabling e-Learning: Teaching group.