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FORUM: Look how far we've come! NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 6 Sep 2016 - 6 Dec 2016

Venue: Enabling e-Learning Leadership group

Fees: Free

Organiser: Enabling e-Learning and National Aspiring Principals Programme

Contact: tessa.gray@core-ed.net and roger

smiley FORUM: Look how far we've come! NAPP Kōrero 14 2016 6th September - 6th December 

In this forum we invite Enabling e-Learning and NAPP community members to complete this sentence:

As a result of engaging in NAPP/EEL conversations online, I can now apply leadership thinking and strategies that … [insert own ideas here] ... 

You might like to consider:
A) new ways of thinking
B) new ways of working
C) new leadership dispositions
You might like to elaborate on:
• implications for your own school and the schools around you
• coaching beyond yourself
• the affordances of e- processes and e-tools

Come join us in the Leadership group and share any transformative thinking or ways of working when this kōrero becomes live.


  • Christine Buchan

    As a result of engaging in NAPP/EEL conversations online, I can now apply leadership thinking and strategies that … 

    allow others to think and reflect on their teaching and learning using coaching as a tool.  I have learnt alot about remaining quiet and listening to others to enable them to make important decisions about their own teaching and learning.  I have learnt more about knowing the other staff members at the school and leading by example; becoming more visual with my ideas to allow others to recognise the value of my inquiry and that they are an integral part of the change.  I have also learnt to be patient and that change does not happen overnight; as the pressures of teaching can sometimes out way the changes necessary.  I have learnt about the value of peer coaching and peer support and how important it is to have colleagues that you trust to impart your ideas onto and have them help you implement them in the school by giving you questions to deepen your thinking on the ideas.  Through networks such as VLN I have learnt so much about other schools and how different they are in respect of their leadership.  The conversations within this network have been inspiring and I have taken on board responses from others in my learning journey.  NAPP has been responsible for my growth as a leader and helping me gain confidence in myself as a leader of the future.