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Palmerston North - PB4L SW - Classroom Problem Solving and ABC Analysis Module

Posted by Isobel Egerton

When: 9:30 - 15:30, 23 Nov 2016

Venue: Reformed Church, 541, Ruahine Street, Palmerston North

Fees: Free

Full day training in understanding Brief Functional Behaviour Assessment: A.B.C. Analysis and an overview of problem solving for students who are at risk of requiring Tier 2 interventions.  There will be opportunities to practise the classroom problem solving process in groups. 


It is beneficial for the school to already be providing staff with PLD around classroom management strategies which are linked to the Tier 1 PB4L SW training.


This is designed for PB4L-SW team members, SENCos, Syndicate Leaders, Deans and key staff who have an interest in pastoral care and behaviour management.