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e-Learning Smackdown

Posted by Marnel van der Spuy

When: 16:30 - 17:30, 5 Jun 2015

Venue: Westbrook School

Fees: Free

Contact: Annemarie: ahyde@mokoia.school.nz; @mrs_hyde [or] Marnel: marnel@broadlands.school.nz; @1MvdS


Our next meeting will be based around the popular concept of the EducampNZ 'Smackdown'

What is a Smackdown?

It is a smorgasboard of fantastic ideas and resources contributed by attendees. Contributions to a Smackdown are short (about two minutes) and delivered quickly. 

Attendees introduce themselves and have a few minutes to:

  • share an idea or link that works for them
  • contribute inspirational ideas
  • raise a challenge or concern that the group may be able to help with

As a result from the Smackdown we will have some small group sessions / large group sessions, chats and networking. These sessions will be decided upon on the day, depending what you want.

You are invited to add your ideas (with your name) to the slides: