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Forum: Digital Citizenship | keeping our community digitally savvy at school and at home

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 7 May 2015 - 7 Jun 2015

Venue: Enabling e-Learning | Digital Citizenship group

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Enabling e-Learning

Contact: Tessa Gray - tessa.gray@core-ed.net

Forum: Digital Citizenship | keeping our students digitally savvy at school and at home, May 7

Audience: Primary and secondary educators and policy makers interested in ensuring students are safe when accessing the internet at home and at school.

As we move towards resourcing schools with more e-tools, the access to web-based resources also increases. Providing safe and appropriate digital learning opportunities becomes an integral part of planning and implementing 'learning with digital technologies'.

We ask, What policies, systems, strategies and resources are schools using to ensure students are safe on the Internet at school and at home? 

And what about the parents? What is the role of the school when it comes to parents and Digital Citizenship? We'd love to hear how your school is addressing these important issues. This conversation will be hosted in the Digital Citizenship group.