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DISCUSSION FORUM: What will we see in e-Learning in 2015

Posted by Tessa Gray

When: 17 Mar 2015 - 17 Apr 2015

Venue: Enabling e-Learning | Technologies group

Fees: FREE

Organiser: Enabling e-Learning

Contact: Nathaniel Louwrens - nathaniel.louwrens@core-ed.org or Tessa Gray - tessa.gray@core-ed.net

Smile DISCUSSION FORUM: What will we see in e-Learning in 2015 (March 16 - April 16)


At this time of year, a lot of people like to make predictions as to what is going to happen in certain things over the next 12 months, none more so than the prediction for emerging technologies. This is your opportunity to join in this thread and contribute to our very own NZ education/e-learning predictions discussion for 2015. 

This up-coming thread will feature in the Enabling e-Learning | Technologies group. Hosts Nathaniel Louwrens and Tessa Gray.

Image source: Flickr