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Getting the balance right

Posted by Hazel Owen

When: 16:00 - 17:00, 29 Oct 2014

Venue: Online (Adobe Connect)

Organiser: Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) team

Image of a woman balancingIt’s spring - and it’s nearly Connected Educator Month! And to help us pick up on the theme of growth and connectedness...the Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) community are offering another webinar from Dave Burton (from Potential Development who provides mentoring services to many folks in the VPLD). Dave will be following up on an earlier webinar (you can read a blog post about that) to help extend our thinking about the Map of Meaning and how it can help us achieve a ‘life work balance’.


Please RSVP by the 20th October 2014 via this sign up form: http://bit.ly/webinarparticipation.


The Map of Meaning model helps us understand how we’re investing our time and whether that investment is helping us achieve our real goals; the goals that matter most. In this webinar you will be encouraged to explore the tension between the inspiration that drives you and the circumstances in which you’re working. The Map of Meaning also helps us examine where our focus is: on others or on ourselves. Most importantly it introduces the 4 main components which lead to us having a sense that our work is meaningful and of value to ourselves and to others.


Working with this model not only ensures that we stay on track with our work, it helps us understand whywe may be feeling stressed or even overwhelmed. It helps us adjust how we spend our time to lessen those feelings and ensure that we do find meaning, purpose and value in our work.

We’ll share more information prior to the webinar so that you can do some initial research into how you’re spending your time.


The meeting will be facilitated in Adobe Connect:http://connect.vln.school.nz/vpldsessions/

If you haven't used Adobe Connect before please try it beforehand and experiment. This video shows you how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W003lRVej1c. Please note: this is a video that was made for the ELLINZ ESOL students so it is a little slow, but shows really clearly how to access and use Adobe Connect.


GETTING TO THE ADOBE SESSION: The link to Adobe will open at 3.30pm on the day. Please pop in in advance of the session to test your gear


Image source: Flickr License, Some rights reserved by orangebrompton